3rd semester- Maternity rotations

To my readers,

I have not been able to update as much as I would have liked to these past weeks. Finished psych already and in the 3rd week of maternity. Maternity wasn’t what I imagined–I thought I would like to be a L&D nurse, but after being in the Intrapartum (L&D) I am not sure. It is definitely different from my past rotations, as a L&D RN, you will not be flooded with 8 patients, only one to monitor, but you have to be able to read the fetal monitors on both mom and baby consistently and catch any distress, etc.

I still have postpartum, newborn care, and antepartum rotations. Maybe I will be able to explore more options. Feel free to ask me any questions about psych or maternity 🙂


P.S- I am anticipating summer! And then will be in my final semester of nursing school!


3rd Semester has started..

Vacation was great and amazzzzzinggg. But here I am back in reality! School has actually already started and I am finishing up week 3! Half of my class started with maternity and the other half with psych. “Crazies and babies” lots of fun this semester! *sarcastic laugh*

I was placed in psych first and let’s just say that it has been very interesting and different. It’s not what I expected at all. Totally different from med-surg unit and SNF. I am learning quickly that the important rule here to communication –therapeutic communication. I know these next few weeks will fly by since I already had 1 out of 3 unit exams. Plus 2 weekly quizzes. Will updated some more soon! xoxo

Finals are over, hello Winterbreak!


I am sorry for the late post but finals have concluded as of 12/20!!!!!!!!! Freedom!!!!!!!

ONE YEAR DOWN, halfway done, one more year to go until graduation!!! I will be starting with psych rotation for the first 8 weeks in my 3rd semester and then maternity the following . Crazies & babies!

Unfortunately, I start school again on 1/16/18 which also happens to be my birthday. Just wonderful right?

Just got back from spending Christmas in Las Vegas, it was my first Christmas away from my family! But my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time. Next is LA from 12/29-1/1! And then we take off for Hawaii 1/5-1/14!

Anyone else have holiday plans? Happy holidays and happy new year!


1 final down, 2 more to go!

Ya girl just passed skills final!! There was a skills checklist with over 10 different skills and we had to flip over a random index card on the table to see which skill we were getting. It ranged from ECG strips, oxygenation, wound care, to  NG tube insertion, foley, ETC. The hardest one I did not want to do were ECG strips, oxygenation, or chest tubes. I knew oxygenation and chest tubes, but I wasn’t too savvy with it. I lucked out when I decided to choose the 2nd to the left index card and got ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESSING CHANGE WET TO MOIST!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I had to start from the top with hand hygiene and taking off the wound first then changing to fresh gloves. Measuring with cotton tips, packing with Kerlix and gauze. I was scared and so nervous, but I PASSSED.

Kaplan this Friday, then Pharm Final Monday and med-surg final Weds! THEN FREEDOM. Anticipating the days! Good luck with finals everyone!

December already?

Unbelievable- just finished my last lecture of the semester for Med-Surg!!!!! Exam #4 next week, followed by Kaplan test, then FINAL.

Still have 2 more lectures for pharm. Dreading it. So over it. Ready to finish strong!

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgivng with their loved ones. I cannot wait for Christmas!

Trying to finish strong..

Feels like I barely have enough time to update! Exams back to back, another one on Monday! Lately, I have been struggling to find the balance between school and work. Maybe I should not be working full time, things will definitely need to be re-evaluated once this semester is done and over-with!